Born in Ankara, Sari Davis lived much of her childhood in Turkey and Barcelona. Daughter of an Ottoman historian who collected antique rugs, Davis was enchanted early on by the ancient carpets of the Middle East, adding in college the study of medieval art.

In her intricate textiles of glass and stone, Davis explores phenomena of light refraction and shimmering patterns evocative of Moorish and Arabic geometries. In each tapestry, a radiant world of light and color, inspired by Earth - a jewel in space.

artist's note

For more than thirty years, the process of weaving has entranced me. One bead at a time, each tiny seed a part of the greater pattern woven through all things. The smallest piece comprises several hundred glass and stone beads; the largest, more than seventy-five thousand; a single weaving takes between two months and two years to complete.

Deep gratitude to Gavin Collier & Company for their beautiful presentations, and to Jamie and Joey Hart for their lovely photographs.